Do you want to enhance the performance or selling of your shoe store? Do you want to make the best business of shoes? You just want something extraordinary. Because of the things that are special, people are more attracted to words. One other attractive thing in some stores is the levitating shoe display.

Yes, it is true that having a magnetic levitation shoe display in your shoe store can help you to gain more customers. You can put the most demanding shoe on that display and easily make the bestselling.

So in this article, you are going to get all the information relates to the magnetic levitation shoe display. If you really want to buy one of the best and most customized levitation shoe displays from Alibaba you can check the link mentioned above.

Overview of Magnetic Levitation Shoe Display

Basically, the magnetic levitation shoe display is a type of device or machine that can help the shoe to fold in the middle of it. So that it looks attractive. This machine combines strong magnetic waves that are associated with electricity.

There are two magnetics and two steel balls available in the packing. You have to adjust the shoe in the middle of that device. There is a weight limit on that device so that your shape can easily float in between the machine.

Premium Quality Magnetic Levitation Shoe Display

Alibaba provides the best services of having the best and premium quality magnetic levitation shoe display, you can trust the process because it is 100% working. If you really want to get the original product you can use the delivery service of Alibaba.

Another reason to buy the best magnetic levitation shoe display from Alibaba is the highly built-in protection service from Alibaba. On-time shipment is also trusted and tested. The built-in order protection OD also verified by the best team of Alibaba.

Product Details

  • Colour customization is available
  • You can also customize the size but its standard size is almost 44cm
  • You can order more than one product at one time
  • Sample service is also acceptable
  • Sample preparing time is also 7 to 10 working days
  • OEM is also acceptable
  • Logo and print service is also available
  • Price may vary according to customization or variation.

Features of Levitation Shoe Display

There are lots of sparkles if you use the best quality and highly attractive magnetic levitation shoe display. There are also lots of features that you must have to know about magnetic levitation shoe displays before buying it.

  • It is a most attractive thing in the shoe shop
  • Two steel  balls are available for balancing the shoes while floating
  • You can increase the magnetic strength if the shoe is a bit heavy


In this article, you have learned about all the information related to magnetic levitation shoe displays. Now you can easily increase your sales by using the best quality levitation shoe display from Alibaba.  If you found this article helpful just put a smile in the comment section.

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