Lipstick is a classic beauty product. It’s a girl’s best friend and is a must-have in every woman’s makeup bag. If you’re planning to give someone lipstick as a gift, then you can make it even more special with customised lipstick boxes. Here are some design ideas for custom lipstick boxes for lipstick gifts:

Use photos of your loved ones

If you want to create a gift that your friend or family member will cherish forever, then you should use photos of them on the box. For example, you could have the photo of the recipient printed on top of the box with their name below it in calligraphy style. This way they’ll know that you’ve put thought into their gift and it means something more than just another gift from one person to another.

Use quotes about love or friendship

Quotes about love or friendship make excellent designs for customised lipstick boxes because they’re sentimental and meaningful at the same time. You could also use quotes from famous authors like Shakespeare or Emily Dickinson if you want something witty but still romantic at the same time. The quote should be placed above or below the image so that it doesn’t interfere with the design too much but still gets noticed by people who see it.

Use a shiny paper like gold or silver

You can also use plastic materials like transparent plastic or colored plastic to make your lipstick box look attractive. If you want to add more glamor to your product then opt for a metallic shade like gold or silver for making your custom lipstick boxes. If you want something unique then go ahead with holographic foil finish which will give an attractive look to your product packaging design.

Consider using funky shaped boxes

Lipstick is a unique product that is often given as a gift. The recipient may have never seen anything like it before, so you need to make sure that your packaging matches the sophistication of the product. One way to do this is by using funky shaped boxes instead of the traditional rectangular ones. This will allow you to be more creative with your design and make sure that it has an impact on whoever is opening it up!

Use high quality materials

The best way to create an impression with your recipient is to use high quality materials in your packaging. If you’re going to spend money on something, it might as well be on something that will last forever! Using high quality paper stock and printing methods can ensure that your lipstick gift boxes stay in pristine condition for years to come!


Lipstick boxes are self-explanatory packages, but they also leave abundant space for design illustrations. It is more exciting if you add some personalized elements to the lipstick packaging.

Creating your own personalized lipstick box is easy, fun, and can be a lot cheaper than you think. When designing custom lipstick boxes for your business or personal use, you don’t have to be a pro! Decorating the box is an art that everyone has the potential to master.

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